About Us

Over recent years it has become clear that there is a need for great quality, highly fashionable ethnic-styled clothing – especially outside of the areas it usually comes from. Young people are travelling more and more – making lives all over the world and here in the UAE, that is more than case than almost anywhere. Dumdu has come on the scene to fill that gap in the market and to provide cool and funky ethnic clothing and accessories to young professionals living here and wanting to express themselves through the clothing they can usually get at home.

Dumdu is the brainchild of two young aeronautical engineers with a passion for clothes and a need to express that passion online. Both joined by other young graduates in the development of this company which is bound to become a force to be reckoned with in the ethnic clothing scene. Currently based in Dubai, the company is making headlines through its easy, casual style, attention to detail and impeccable customer service.

Inspired by the huge numbers of Indian and Pakistani migrants working in GCC and their need to source comfortable, great looking and fashionable clothing, Dumdu aims to provide an online portal to access the clothes which will set them apart and highlight their individual style. While the UAE is the first port of call for Dumdu, the youngsters behind this venture realise that the world is their oyster and there is a need for good ethnic-wear worldwide. Keep an eye out for Dumdu near you soon!

With an online base, the products from Dumdu are easily accessible for all. All clothes are sourced directly from the manufacturers and authorised suppliers and at great prices – making the final product incredible value for money. The clothing and accessories are all of the highest quality, being produced in the traditional way by highly skilled craftspeople.

In fact it is this value for money approach which sets Dumdu apart from their competition. They see the economies of scale which their business represents. With a huge potential market for their goods and safe in the knowledge that they have a product which is highly sought after – Dumdu is the ideal source of ethnic clothing and likely to be the word on everyone's lips in no time.

Women's tops, dresses, t-shirts and accessories are added to men's casual and formal wear to create a look and feel which is exclusive, high-end fashion with a heart. It is the passion of the founders which has taken them this far and it is the clothing, which will take them the rest of the way.

Dumdu is legally registered with Department of Economic Development - Dubai under Pinnacle Textiles Trading L.L.C